manage a mind, manage a feeling

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people often think that they're being demotivated by their situations. No, they are just being disconnected from their dreams." - Ikhwan Sopa

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desire to do something that will inspire another, just do it as they think about.

keep a belief inside, move on your path of belief...deliver it slowly.

wherever, a dreamer comes for create, explore and adventure.

strengthen your work mentality, is it useful?

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before finding a job, it's better to follow the advice below :
  • Looking for a job, of course with the ability and physical skills.
  • Looking for a job in accordance with the skills, diplomas, and our work experience. 
That's some things that people will see when we look for work.

very rarely, we can find people accepted on a job because his mentality, mental skills, or his inner quality mental. it is difficult to measure for us. but the mentality which will determine performance of one's work. there is a term, Quality Mental Work vs Mental Work.

Quality Mental Work is a mentality for work hard in order to hold his job well so the next could take the lead in working and then creating a job for another.

Mental Work is mentality for being a worker, work as it is in everyday, very minimalist, absolved of responbility, according with the wage and duties.

creating a job for another is useful and needed nowadays, than just waiting for a job. this abilty can be reach with improving our quality mental in work or job. so let's we strengthen our mentality better and nowadays we ever listen about entrepreneurship, it is a result of quality mental work. 

so, what are you waiting for?

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